I came to meet Julie Ritten into 2006 and she was speaking at a seminar for retirees at Ford motor company in Sterling Heights.

She has a vast knowledge of her field, coupled with the determination to listen to each of us in our varied financial environments.

I always hesitate to refer to professionals until I have a long working relationship with them and I have seen a proven history of performance. I am proud and pleased to recommend Julie without reservation. She will be an invaluable asset to all who seek her advice as she had been to me and my family.

Kerry and Family

I met Julie in 2009 by attending one of her seminars.She was consciously serviced my financial needs and has provided me with a sense of security when I needed it. One can immediately tell that she is on your side and wants only the best for you. Julie is very professional and has extensive knowledge of her products, and again personal touch approach. Our updated meetings have always been informative, but also have been pleasant experiences.

Elaine C.


June thinks you are fantastic, smart, warm, down to earth and easy to talk with. She is very pleased about working with you. Yaay you!

Rita E. Luce, Esq.
Harrison & Held


…to say thanks

We really appreciate all you have done to help us help Neal.

Thank you so much.

Julie Sheldon


Dear Julie,

I really want to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. What you have put together for us really reinforces security for my children and grandchildren and I cannot explain to you enough how much that means to me. It is strange that at 23 I am referencing my own grandchildren.

In addition to that I also want to thank you for allowing me to help with your own risk protection. With us being able to see each other on a regular basis I am confident your protection needs will always be up to date.

I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I look forward for us working closely together for many years to come, all the best.


David Haugk
Glenn Maas Agency


Dear Julie,

I wanted to write you to thank you for your kind words prior to our BEN meeting last week (and all those times you have given compliments during my role as chapter VP). I hope this card finds you well. I really appreciate you.


Mark Rebrer


This is a letter I never imagined writing. I never thought I could so quickly conquer my paralyzing fear of planning for retirement.

Julie Ritten was the reason why that changed. In her direct and respectful manner she eased my fears and anxiety about money, my money, talking about my money and whether or not I had enough money. Instead she smiled, asked me a few questions about my income, savings, expenses, and what was important to me. She was respectful and thoughtful about what she heard and was reassuring. When we finished our first meeting I had a sense of comfort and relief that it wasn't too late for me.

I would recommend Julie to anyone who is looking for a refreshingly honest conversation about your money, retirement vehicles and financial security.

My mother had just died and had left me a modest inheritance. I recognized that this money needed to be put aside in a safe and hopefully profitable vehicle so that it would be available to me in the future.

Furthermore my mother's death helped to create a new fierceness in me to look at the need to plan for my financial future.

But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would hear what Julie Ritten told me the first time we met. The day I agreed to do what frightened me... that I could afford to retire one day and have the income to support more and myself.

Julie has taught me in a few meetings how to develop a realistic budget, how to fund retirement vehicles without sacrificing quality of life by re-allocating and re- prioritizing all of which will provide the security I am seeking in a living income, much of which will be tax free in retirement.

Julie is patient; able to speak to her audience and when it appears she has lost you will gently inquire, "Have I lost you?" and then return to the point you missed. She is sensitive to the financial novice and enjoys waiting quietly for the moment when it sinks in and the information makes sense.

Financial planning can be fun. I say "saving is the new spending" and I can't wait to watch the plans we have put in place grow.

Linda H., Albuquerque, NM - 2-20-13