Financial Planning and the focus on clients


Being independent gives me the ability to do what’s best for my client not what is best for the company and not being able to put in the forefront what the company wants. So it’s about my client, my client is my priority its everyone is custom to your needs here once their goals. So basically they had is Ritten financial. I’ve grown my practice over the years and I now have lovely office in Southfield right off of the Lodge and humming away.

I transferred and focused more from life insurance into retirement planning tax-free retirement plan
along with social security and when to pull it out, working with the baby boomers to seniors and to the millennials. Its really shocking to see in the number of people that do not have plans set forth yet and the attitude of “well we’ll worry about it when we get there” well if you’re worry about it when you get there then it’s never going to get there.

I urge you if you don’t have plans in place for your retirement please talk to a professional sit down and create a plan, cause only when you create a plan can, can you have a plan and it comes to fruition.