Create a Secure Future

RittenFinancial-dbusiness article“If something you believed to be true wasn’t, when would you want to know?” – Julie Ritten

Living in a world where sound bites lure us with the latest sexy stock picks, and buy-sell schemes are everywhere, Americans are increasingly suspicious and disillusioned with most investment choices. Frustrated and betrayed by the roller coaster of a volatile stock market, there is a palpable loss of faith in a system that is supposed to help plan and save for future financial security. There doesn’t seem to be safe harbor anywhere, and it is difficult to trust anyone.

In an unassuming and decidedly “unsexy” office in Southfield, on a Tuesday evening when most folks are home finishing dinner, Julie Ritten, president of Ritten Financial, gushes with genuine enthusiasm about her work. Her specialty is tax-free and tax-advantaged retirement planning — a subject Ritten’s zeal brings to life. Ritten Financial’s focus is on securing your assets and minimizing your exposure to risk and the impact of taxes on your financial future. And it works. Ritten’s inner circle of specialists includes the creator of the tax-free methods. While your financial advisor collects a commission check from you and wishes you “good luck” with your investment choices, Ritten secures results.

Ritten’s career was borne out of violent and dramatic personal circumstances that catapulted her into the unexpected role of a single parent. She saw her future as scary and unpredictable. A personality test revealed her strong aptitude for business, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Services hired her in 2000. Her stint with Northwestern Mutual molded her into a knowledgeable and authentically passionate financial advisor. She discovered that life is unpredictable, but you can prepare for it with a stalwart strategy. Ritten shot to the top of her industry, and decided to leave Northwestern Mutual behind and open Ritten Financial.

“I can design a financial plan for you that creates a secure retirement.” she says, repeatedly and emphatically. “I give my clients peace of mind.” It’s the same peace of mind she built from scratch for herself and her family, when her life’s circumstances were filled with drama and pain. There is no hype and no empty promises with Ritten Financial, no “Today’s top five trades!” or “The next big Blue Chip winner!”

“We work to lock in your gains and let you retire on your terms,” Ritten says confidently, “and my goal is to minimize your tax exposure in the process.” Nerdy, unsexy, and smart.

Ritten’s arsenal includes a corporate business owner benefit plan called a Restrictive Property Trust (RPT). Designed specifically for business owners with consistent cash flow, an RPT can significantly alleviate a business owner’s tax burden. Unlike a qualified plan, 100 percent of your contribution to an RPT goes to YOU. Your business receives a 100 percent tax deduction, and only 40 percent of the contribution is taxed to you. Additionally, this trust provides a death benefit that can be used for estate planning or buy-sell agreements, and assets held by the trust are protected from creditors. This is Ritten Financial’s expert niche.

Call Ritten Financial for a free consultation, and build a financial plan that creates a secure retirement.

“If you have ever lost sleep worrying about whether you’re going to outlast your money, I want to put your mind at ease,” Ritten says.